Dry XD Grow Bags
Dry XD Grow Bags

Botanicoir Dry XD Grow Bags

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Botanicoir Dry XD is the driest in our range and has been designed for growers in milder climates growing crops that need high drainage and a lower water content. This special mix, with a high percentage of chips, promotes healthy root growth and enables to grower to steer the crops effectively. Using a slab such as Dry XD will help the grower to optimise the irrigation strategy and improve uptake of water and nutrients to the plant. The Dry XD mix is very forgiving if crops are over watered and is also quick to hydrate.

We make each product specifically to the growers needs, from the coir mix to the plastic for the bag. Salad grow bags are available in sizes up to 120cm in length with width and height as required, and planting, dripper and drainage holes can pre-cut in the bags to the growers requirements, at no extra cost. All of the plastic that we use is high quality, UV treated and recyclable.

If you would like to discuss these, or possibilities for other crop mixes, please contact us.