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Salad Grow Bags

Botanicoir Salad Grow Bags

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Our research and development program and listening to grower feedback in the salad sector have given us the understanding that different crops have different needs to promote maximum yield. The knowledge that we have gained has enabled us to perfect individual mixes suited to specific crops, which are now used by a wide variety of growers across the world.

When processing our raw materials, we use a unique washing technique to remove natural salts that are in the crushed coconut husk. This is a crucial part of the process, which requires constant monitoring. The different mixes that we use for our salad grow bags have various graded particle sizes, dependent on the crop, which are ideal for promoting healthy roots, uniform plant growth and optimised water retention and drainage. Our most popular grow bags are for tomato, cucumber, pepper and aubergine crops, but we are able to vary our mixes to suit other salads.

Botanicoir has worked with growers all over the world to develop four type of salad bags, suitable for a range of crops and climates.

Botanicoir Salad Grow Bags:

Aqua: Designed to encourage healthy root growth for crops that prefer higher water content in a growing environment. Provides effective water and nutrient holding capacity.

Mist: This is a blend of mixed husk chips that give free drainage. This mix allows vegetative and generative growth.

Breeze: Provides the grower with the ability to steer the crops into generative growth and has been designed to optimise drainage.

Dry: Designed to encourage generative growing in crops that prefer a drier growing environment. This slab gives the grower the ability to steer the crops and has high air fill porosity.

We make each product specifically to the growers needs, from the coir mix to the plastic for the bag. Salad grow bags are available in sizes up to 120cm in length with width and height as required, and planting, dripper and drainage holes can pre-cut in the bags to the growers requirements, at no extra cost. All of the plastic that we use is high quality, UV treated and recyclable.

If you would like to discuss these, or possibilities for other crop mixes, please contact us.