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If growers prefer growing in troughs rather than grow bags, we can provide naked slabs of coir to simply place in the trough and rehydrate. We use the same Precision Plus strawberry mix and strict quality controls as with the grow bags, but simply do not put the coir in a bag. This gives a more flexible method of growing, meaning that numbers of plants per meter can be changed year on year, and the troughs can be moved around without disturbing the rooting of the plant. The Precision Plus mix that we use for our naked strawberry slab has a graded particle size and optimum buffering level, which are ideal for strawberry plants, promoting healthy roots, uniform plants growth and optimised water retention and drainage.

The stringent quality control procedures in our factory mean that we are constantly testing the products, and making sure that the EC, pH, calcium, sodium, boron, magnesium, chloride, silicon, and potassium levels are within the range of standards as recommended for strawberry cultivation in coir.

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