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Open Top Container

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Our Open Top Containers (OTCs) are popular with soft fruit growers as a cost effective and flexible way to grow as they can be simply laid out and hydrated, avoiding having to deal with bulk coir and helping to keep labour costs down.

Our OTCs typically come in 7.5 or 10 litres, but as with all our products, we can make them bespoke to meet individual requirement. They are available in black or white plastic with pre-cut drainage holes and we can also supply them with a hole drilled in the centre of the coir block to facilitate the wetting up process.

As well as flexibility in the dimensions and volume, we have a range of mixes, both washed only and washed and buffered, on offer to suit different crop requirements and grower preferences. These products are most popular amongst raspberry, blueberry and blackberry growers, but we are always happy to discuss adaptation for other crops and their specific needs.

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