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Disks and Blocks

Botanicoir Disks and Blocks

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For soft fruit growers who have existing systems in place with regards to container growing, or for those looking to move to the rigid plastic containers, we offer a range of coir disks and blocks to fit these pots. 

We can supply disks or blocks in volumes from 2 to 10 litres, with customised dimensions. As well as flexibility in the dimensions and volume, we have a range of mixes, both washed only and washed and buffered, on offer to suit different soft fruit crop requirements and grower preferences. These products are most popular amongst raspberry, blueberry and blackberry growers, but we are always happy to discuss adaptations for other crops and their specific needs.

The disks and blocks are all very easy to put in the pots, avoiding having to deal with bulk coir and helping to keep labour costs down. We can also supply them with a pre-drilled hole in the centre of the disk or block to facilitate the wetting up process.

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