Coir solutions for soft fruit crops

We pride ourselves on having innovative buffering facilities at our manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka and India to produce quality cocopeat products that soft fruit growers can rely on. Offering optimum drainage and exceptional buffering, our premium mixes for soft fruit crops give growers the peace of mind. The production methods used mean that the coir slabs are homogeneous across the whole growing area to aid crop and irrigation management. All mixes, dimensions and plastic can be customised to suit individual requirements.

  • Strawberry


    Fully washed and buffered grow bags and other cocopeat products for high yielding strawberry crops

  • Raspberry


    High quality coir substrate solutions for professional raspberry growers looking for peace of mind

  • Blueberry


    Well draining and stable structured coir products for growers looking for long-lasting growing media

  • Blackberry


    Ideal mixes to give young blackberry crops the best start in clean homogenous coir substrate



Growing Matters from Botanicoir

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