The coir mix used for propagation of young plants is vitally important to make sure the young roots have easy access to nutrients to encourage strong and healthy growth from the beginning. Our fully washed and buffered propagation mix of smaller cocopeat particles is a clean coir mix, with elevated calcium levels, that offers the ideal environment to encourage healthy root growth.

Available formats:

BotaniCubes are most popular for growing…


BotaniCubes are grow cubes that have been specifically designed for the propagation of young salad plants, such as tomato, cucumber, aubergine or pepper. The growing media is natural, completely biodegradable and surrounded by a flexible netting so that the young roots can easily penetrate into the grow bag below. Botanicoir grow cubes minimise transplant shock and promote more rapid and dense rooting, while presenting no disposal problems. BotaniCubes are available in a range of sizes to suit individual needs.

Mix Specifications

The smaller coir particle size of the propagation and seedling mixes means that young roots have easy access to nutrients to encourage fast rooting. The substrate is fully washed and buffered, offering a low EC and elevated levels of calcium to encourage healthy root growth from the very beginning.

Specification WHC* AFP
Propagation Mix 64% 18%
Seedling Mix 66% 17%

* Water holding capacity. Air filled porosity.

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Kalum Balasuriya

Kalum Balasuriya

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